Hello Beautiful People! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

India Hines, President, No Junk Productions & “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show

Fashion Uncorked 2013 Welcome to NO Junk Productions, the home of “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show and events.  I’m honored that you stopped by. I’d love to know what you think about the radio show if you’ve listened to the show or what you thought about an event you’ve attended. Your comments will help me strive to keep doing the best job possible to bring you the best in music, entertainment and events. If you haven’t listened to the show or attended an event, you can still share a POSITIVELY positive comment, words of wisdom and encouragement if you’d like.  I’d love to hear from you. My words of encouragement to you today are…..BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IF you don’t quit. See you on the radio or at an upcoming event.

116 Responses to Hello Beautiful People! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

  1. Orienda Sjoukje says:

    Hi India,

    I absolutely love the positive energy you put out in the universe everyday you’re on air!

  2. God has forgiven you for your mistakes . He know that is proof you are trying. Face your future without fear of the past. Love You

  3. KymBerli Dee says:

    Greetings Mrs. Hines,

    I just wanted to thank you again for playing my song yesterday. I was in my car and nearly in tears while driving. Such a surreal feeling! Looking forward to our interview next month. God bless!!

    KymBerli Dee

  4. Sharon Thrasher says:

    Keep Moving FORWARD
    It’s all about LOVE Baby Girl !!!

  5. Sharon Thrasher says:

    Great Show This Afternoon
    Great Cast of Exit Strategy!!!

  6. Sharon Thrasher says:

    Yes Miss Kymberli I heard it too.
    Sounding Good!

  7. martin says:

    wow! this is wonderful way of feeling musically and can take you from stressed up to stress free. I just thank for putting this on a higher level! God bless as you continue with your awesome presentations.

  8. I enjoyed your show so much!

  9. Ruth Yeboah says:

    Dear India,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out to interview me about my women’s clothing line. I am so honored to know you. Your willingness to support people wholeheartedly is remarkable. Your open mindedness is worth noting. You encourage, empower, and build your listeners with words, music and care!

    Thank you so much

    I look forward to continue working with you.



  10. My Sister…my Truest Friend India,

    You KEEP doing what you do the BEST India! Never let ANYTHING or Anyone STOP YOU from what God has called and ANNOINTED YOU to do! Go FORWARD!!

    Your Warm words of Motivation and encouragement gives us the Inspirational Vitamins we need. Then to Top it off with that Positively Positive Juice to help us through the Day in your variety of easy listening Music is refreshing!

    God has truly Gifted you the VOICE for RADIO! I Thank Him for the Blessing you are able to Share with Us (the Listeners). You have a unique Talented Gift in a Class by itself in the way in which you touch Lives and make “All LIVES MATTER” as you Speak directly to the Hearts and Souls of your Audience in such an Eloquent way!

    You are a Gift to me personally and I Charish you and your Legacy to Radio my Sister! Your Listeners honestly get “NO JUNK PRODUCTIONS (With that s on the End! Lol!). Radio that brings the whole Family in the Room to Listen! So AMAZING! Radio with Style and Class…can’t get No better Than that!

    Love you India!

    Your #1Fan/Supporter,
    Juanita Thompson-Evans
    Believe In Me Project, Inc.

  11. Hi India!!! Thank you so very much for hosting the 2017 Premier Opening of Un-Shame On You, The Play. I hope it was as fun for you being there as it was for us having you. Thank you for your support, encouragement and heart. I can’t wait to catch up with you again. Peace and blessings, my sis…

  12. Deborah Griggs says:

    1 million thanks for tickets of Simply Simone which was the bum . com We truly enjoyed and recommend everyone go see it before it leave. You are such a Beautiful person Inside and Out, I am so honored to be a friend of yours which I know you don’t take lightly. I love how fair you are about winning tickets, Just part of the Godliness in you. The love you have for people you know and don’t know shows so much. I could go about you forever but I suggest people support you as you do them and get to know the real you instead of hearing your name in the biz and think they know you. You are such a Blessing!!! My favorite saying is: If you don’t Change nothing, Nothing will ever Change!!!!
    You are a Game Changer!!!!
    Deborah Griggs
    CEO of Sharing & Caring
    text dgriggs to 90210

  13. Tammie Jackson Washington says:

    Hi INDIE…
    Can’t wait til your next event..
    I love your show

  14. Kathleen Delcambre says:

    Hi India, thank you for taking the time to speak with me about my project and thank you for taking the time to helping me promote my project I really appreciate it I love your radio show it is very very positive I am looking forward to speaking with you on the 16 of May I am wishing you all the blessings you are a beautiful person thank you thank you so much.

    Kathleen Delcambre

  15. Toya Thomas says:

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to hang with you yesterday; I really enjoyed BlackBerry Daze play that showed at Horizon Theatre! Incredible play with amazingly talented actors & actresses.

    Blessings overflowing,
    Toya T.

  16. Reggie Davis says:

    Outstanding does not say enough! We recently use No Junk Productions to promote an Atlanta performance for our artist (Contemporary Violinist Daniel D.), not only was the show a great success, but Mrs. Hines added her personal touch by hosting the event as well.

    India also went out of her way to assist our artist with an additional artistic opportunity while in the Atlanta area, that was a real blessing. We highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again in the future.

    Reggie Davis (Manager-Contemporary Violinist Daniel D.)
    DD Productions LLC

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